Spotflux Version 3.2.0 Free

Encryption software program that allows users traceless and anonymous browsing

If only life were as easy as Spotflux we would have been that much happier. Granted, there are more advanced software programs such as HotSpot Shield which enables users to select which country to browse from and thus to gain access to otherwise restricted content. But if all you want is anonymous and traceless browsing options, without allowing anyone to track your Google searches or the websites you've been visiting, Spotflux is the simplest software program that will get the job done. This is due to the fact that this entire software program comes down to a single button: On/Off, and all you have to do is press it once.
Question you're likely to ask yourselves, that can all be answered by 'Spotflux':
- How can I use public Wi-Fi without having someone copying the emails I'm writing?
- How can I enjoy an anonymous and traceless browsing experience?
- How can I visit websites that are restricted in the country I'm currently in?
- How can I start a life of crime and cover up my online tracks, only to get caught by the dear old lady next door (this is a good place to stress again that we recommend refraining from any illegal actions, we just think people deserve some privacy every now and then)?
Some of Spotflux's other advantages, besides its genius simplicity, are its ability to support proxy servers (you'll have to configure them on your own as it doesn’t have any preconfigured proxy servers), and the fact that it's free to use and free from pop-up ads (which is some of the competitors' shortcomings).
Users come first